Pointer App for Android on Google Play - Now Available!

Good news everyone! We are proud to announce that the first release of Pointer App for Android ist ready to download from Google Play. Give it a try, we would love to get some Feedback. We are already planning further features and improvements, so stay tuned! The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according

HowTo: Enable Direct Link Sharing with WhatsApp and Other Services

To enable direct sharing of Pointer App (iOS) locations with WhatsApp, Telegram, Tumblr or other services just follow the steps below. Keep in mind that you have to have the app for the service installed first. 1. Select Share Location from the side menu: 2. Select More 3. Enable the services you want to use for sharing. 4. After you

Meeting with potential round two investors

On May 7th we had the great opportunity to present our ideas and future concepts to interested investors. We were almost overwhelmed with the positive feedback and amount of questions we received. Thanks for this great opportunity!  

Michael Jackson Memorial in Munich

Fans from all over the world remember Michael Jackson in Munich, Germany. Did you ever wonder where exactly it is located? Here are the exact coordinates: http://loc.pointer-app.de/?lat=48.140079&lon=11.573001&name=Michael%20Jackson%20Memorial

Pointer App - New Design

Check it out: today Pointer App V.2.2.01 has been released to the iOS app store. The main change: a new, even more elegant look! Detailed release notes: Dear community, thank you very much for your feedback and ideas! The following improvements are waiting for you in this new release: New look: Pointer App is now even more elegant and intuitive.

This is the location where the Pointer App is being created: http://loc.pointer-app.de/?lat=48.137917&lon=11.574979&name=Core%20Consulting%20GmbH%20Weinstra%C3%9Fe%204%2080333%20Munich%20Germany

Today we were finally able to solve a problem with Pointer App location links. The location links did not open when clicked on from within the Facebook app. What is a Pointer App location link? Pointer App location links are links used for sharing location information. An example for this is: http://loc.pointer-app.de/?lat=48.137936&lon=11.574797&name=Core%20Consulting%20GmbH These links can be shared/send via email or

Pointer App V.2.1.00 released

New: we integrated the direction arrow on the map view when navigating Other improvements: better workflow: now you can share locations directly even before saving them adding-new-list-button responds better now when you search for a location we now keep the search string as the location name when you choose a location from the map we offer the address/street name (if

Now available: Pointer App V.2.0.41

We are delighted to announce, that the new version of the Pointer App is now availabe! This is what we changed: Version 2.0.41 a major release! We completely redesigned the usability concept for you and added a lot of new features in the background to enhance the overall app experience. We hope that you will find the more than 70

Hi there. Soon you will be able to find support documents related to the Pointer App here. You can also send us a mail at pointer@coreconsulting.de See you soon,   The Core Consulting Team