Pointer App - New Design

Check it out: today Pointer App V.2.2.01 has been released to the iOS app store. The main change: a new, even more elegant look! Detailed release notes: Dear community, thank you very much for your feedback and ideas! The following improvements are waiting for you in this new release: New look: Pointer App is now even more elegant and intuitive.

This is the location where the Pointer App is being created: http://loc.pointer-app.de/?lat=48.137917&lon=11.574979&name=Core%20Consulting%20GmbH%20Weinstra%C3%9Fe%204%2080333%20Munich%20Germany

Today we were finally able to solve a problem with Pointer App location links. The location links did not open when clicked on from within the Facebook app. What is a Pointer App location link? Pointer App location links are links used for sharing location information. An example for this is: http://loc.pointer-app.de/?lat=48.137936&lon=11.574797&name=Core%20Consulting%20GmbH These links can be shared/send via email or

Pointer App V.2.1.00 released

New: we integrated the direction arrow on the map view when navigating Other improvements: better workflow: now you can share locations directly even before saving them adding-new-list-button responds better now when you search for a location we now keep the search string as the location name when you choose a location from the map we offer the address/street name (if